Happy 237th Birthday, America!

It’s the 4th of July, and what better way to celebrate than with food?
Holidays + food = ‘Merica!

If you need a salad to offset all the grilled meat you’re sure to ingest, this quick and tasty Brussels Sprout Salad with Radish + Feta should fit the bill nicely. It’s chock-full of fresh brussels sprouts, spicy radishes, crunchy pistachios, salty and creamy feta, and it’s all held together by a perfectly simple honey mustard dressing. It’ll make you feel a little more healthy, on this the most grilling-est day of the year.


Want an alternative to the usual potato salad? A hefty portion of these Rosemary Roasted Baby Potatoes would be a welcome change to the boring old mayo-slicked potatoes!


Nothing goes better with a barbecue than ice cold drinks. Pour yourself a tall glass of Easiest Lemonade or Honeyed Peach Aguas Frescas and beat the heat! Lemonade says summertime like no other drink, and this one is super quick and you can make a small amount, or enough to serve your entire neighborhood. The Honeyed Peach Aguas Frescas is a little more exotic and goes down super easy. You can even make it adults-only with a little vodka!

Easiest Lemonade

Honeyed Peach Aguas Frescas

No 4th of July party is complete without dessert. And lucky you, here’s several recipes that will end your meal on the right note. Pass some of these treats around and you’ll make instant friends for life:

Rocky Road Squares, for the chocoholics in your life. Squares of creamy chocolate crammed full of salted almonds and mini marshmallows!


If you’ve got friends at your party that don’t dig on gluten, they’ll be thrilled to find these GF Peanut Butter Cookies on your table. You can even turn them into PB Jammies by throwing a little of your favorite jam into the centers. Quick and easy, to boot!

PB Plate2

These kid-friendly Strawberry Lime Crumble Bars are the perfect dessert for little hands. Sweet strawberry jam is paired with tart lime zest and sandwiched between some really delicious crumbly almond streusel crust and topping. They’ll go fast!


If frozen treats are more what you’re after, give these Cherry Vanilla Popsicles a whirl. Sweet, fruity and creamy, there’s no better dessert for  backyard parties!


Sometimes, there’s no better dessert than ice cream. Big bowls full of this Lemon-Strawberry Ice Cream will end your barbecue on a high note for sure. Tart lemon ice cream with sweet strawberry compote swirled throughout, it’s like summertime in a bowl.


Enjoy your 4th of July celebrations, y’all! Be safe and have fun :)


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