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Here’s my list of favorite recipes that I’ve posted to the site over the years. Not sure which oven+apron recipe to start with? Check out any of these to get you going! Happy cooking!    ♥A

2014-02-22 14.39.18


Strawberry, Cornmeal + Black Pepper Scones
Strawberries and pepper go great together, as luck would have it! These scones are nice and soft but get a bit of texture from some cornmeal, and a little extra flavor and unexpected heat from a drizzle of sweet glaze with fresh ground black pepper.


Burrata + Pesto Grilled Cheese
Isn’t burrata the best? It’s like ricotta
and mozzarella cheese had a baby.
Add it to some toasty bread, throw on
some fresh basil leaves and a generous
swipe of pesto, and you’re in sandwich heaven.



Perfect Pumpkin Lasagna
This is my go-to dish when the weather gets cooler. Vegetarian but still incredibly hearty and filling, it’s got caramelized mushrooms, alfredo sauce, pumpkin, and tons of cheese.


2014-05-18 14.42.08

Almond Pavlova
I love a pavlova in hot weather, which AZ has in abundance! Pavlovas are great made individually or large (like this one) to serve a crowd. The outside is lovely and crisp, while the inside is marshmallowy soft. Top the meringue with whipped cream and your favorite fruits, and it’s definitely time for dessert!


2015-04-20 15.35.35

Fresh Mango-Cantaloupe Salsa
I absolutely love this fruity and kinda spicy salsa. Scoop it up with warm tortilla chips, have a cold beer on the side. Just try to stop from eating the whole bowl, I dare you!


sparkling cider float 3

Sparkling Cider Floats with Caramel Sauce
This one is debatable because it’s more of a dessert than a beverage, but I’m putting it in this category because it’s so good. Classic Martinelli’s sparkling apple cider in a glass with a hefty scoop of vanilla ice cream and a drizzle of caramel sauce sounds like the perfect drink to me!


2013-12-22 09.20.27

White Christmas Cake
My absolute favorite, be-all end-all of Christmas desserts. Fluffy and cloud-like angel food cake flavored with vanilla and almond gets covered with a marshmallowy seven minute frosting. It tastes like Christmas! The little deer and tree decorations are totally optional, but add to the magic of this cake.


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