rise and shine!

I love a good three day weekend. Aside from the obvious (not going to work on a Monday!), there’s the bonus of having more time to get things done, or more time to be lazy if you choose.

You know how days of the week have a feel? I have a love-hate relationship with the way Sunday feels. It’s still a weekend day but there’s that impending sense that it’ll soon be over. Sunday night is the worst cause you know your alarm will be ringing bright and early the next morning, and you just happened to sleep in until 9:30 on Sunday when you usually wake up at 5am for work, and there’s no WAY you’ll get enough sleep tonight. You know what I’m talking about. But, when Monday is a holiday, Sunday night has a whole new feeling. It’s like Saturday night 2.0! It’s the best, Jerry, the best.

Labor Day weekend is traditionally the last hurrah of summertime, with people scrambling to get in their last barbecues, picnics, family outings, and trips to large bodies of water before the season changes and it’s back to work and school. This weekend is also the perfect time to enjoy a big breakfast or brunch — having your family and friends with you makes it that much better!

Here’s some breakfast/brunch-centric ideas for y’all if you’re at a loss as to what you should serve over this long weekend:

honeyed peach aguas frescas – This makes the perfect brunchy drink, refreshing and sweet. Make a version of a bellini by topping off each glass with some Prosecco!

everything bagels/jalapeno-cheddar bagels – Carbs, glorious carbs! Toasted and spread with cream cheese or butter, they’re dy-no-MITE.

sparkling fruit sodas – Unique fruit purees mixed with club soda, simple and tasty.

rosemary roasted baby potatoes – Any breakfast or brunch is not complete without some potato dish. These little baby potatoes are creamy on the inside and toasty on the outside, full of rosemary flavor. If you don’t dig on rosemary, feel free to use your favorite fresh herb… thyme, dill, chives, basil, it’s all good!

creamy baked eggs – The brunch dish I fell in love with at the Cup Cafe. Creamy and satisfying, there’s also bacon involved. Yum.

honey-almond peach crisp – For those who like their brunchy fare a little on the sweeter side, juicy peaches baked with a crumbly-crunchy topping is for you guys!

summertime fried egg sandwich – Fried eggs, punchy dijon mustard, smooth mayo, lots of spicy black pepper, all on some damn good sourdough bread. Do it.

tomato + ricotta tart – Elegance! Pretty ripe tomato slices covering a layer of basil-filled ricotta cheese inside of a savory crumb crust. It’s phenomenal warm or cold!

radish + chive tartine –  My all-time favorite. Pumpernickel, homemade onion-chive cream cheese and snappy radish slices. Works perfectly when made into tiny bite-sized apps to stuff into hungry mouths as they wait for the rest of the meal to be prepared.

herb + cheddar scones – Full of sharp cheddar cheese and savory herbs, these scones are super light and delicious. Cut them into mini scones, if that’s how you roll!

Happy Labor Day weekend, everyone. Stay safe and have fun!


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