I’m back, but not really!

Soooo, if you’ve been following oven+apron, you may have noticed that there hasn’t been a new post/recipe since October 2015. This blog had been my main creative outlet for a long time, back when I was working for establishments that didn’t really allow me to be super creative or to make the kinds of things I wanted to (like those pistachio frangipane + nectarine tarts you … Continue reading I’m back, but not really!

it is your birthday.

JIM: “What is that? ‘It is your birthday’, period.” DWIGHT: “It’s a statement of fact.” JIM: “Not even an exclamation point?” – The Office, ‘Lecture Circuit, Pt. 1’ Today is oven + apron’s second birthday! I think that does warrant an exclamation point, don’t you? It’s been a fun, tasty 2 years so far, and in honor of my blog’s birthday, I’d like to share with … Continue reading it is your birthday.

it’s all happening!

“Ladies and gentlemen! The evening is over. We hope you all enjoyed yourselves, and we’ll see you all again in 1974. Good evening!” – Almost Famous Hi, lovely readers! I hope your Christmases were absolutely perfect, and that you’re gearing up to have a super fun New Year’s Eve! (Uh, preferably with no drugged-up jumping into swimming pools involved)   I’m taking a bit of … Continue reading it’s all happening!

let’s all just take a nap.

Blogging about food can be super exhausting.

Unfortunately, cooking awesome recipes and taking photos of food is not all I do (not yet, anyway!). I also work full-time at a bakery, and I try to have as much of a social life as my free time will allow. Some days when I get home after working an 8+ hour shift of frosting cupcakes and making brownies and gluten-free donuts, the desire to spend a few hours in my kitchen creating a new recipe just isn’t there. Sometimes I’d much rather spend my time having dinner with the boyfriend, going running with my sister, or just catching up on Netflix repeats of MythBusters and Friday Night Lights (Oh, Tim Riggins, you dreamboat, you).

Can I tell you about a few things I’ve been occupying my time with lately?

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when life gets in the way

The life of food bloggers is not always as glamorous as one would think. Sure, lots of them have Pinterest-worthy kitchens, varied and adorable props (if I get some paper straws and Mason jars, does that give me more credibility as a food blogger?), and fancy cameras. Others (like me!) have small, dark, 1970s-era kitchens with ugly fluorescent lighting, random plates picked up from the Goodwill, and take … Continue reading when life gets in the way

bring back the ‘stache!

As you lovely readers know, my dad Rick was diagnosed with stage 3 testicular cancer back in July of this year. Almost two weeks ago, he underwent an RPLND surgery to remove the remnants of the cancerous lymph nodes and tumors in his abdomen after completing three rounds of chemo. It’s currently No-Shave November and my dad is on the road to recovery, and growing … Continue reading bring back the ‘stache!


Isn’t Pinterest awesome? It’s not uncommon for me to get sucked in to the Food and Drink section, scrolling through page after page of Mason jar-filled salads, pink and girly vodka punch, crock pot chicken creations, and cupcakes galore. I’ve uploaded all my recipes to Pinterest, and I add new pins every time I write a new post! I post my recipes to the “oven&apron” board, … Continue reading pinned!

my dear ol’ dad

Most of my talent in the kitchen, I’ve attributed to my dad.

He’s always been very experimental with recipes, usually never even using them. My dad would still manage to come up with interesting and delicious dishes that he’d dream up all from his own head. My mom took a home movie of my sisters and I in 1987 when we were just tiny little kids, and there’s a bit where my dad is talking to my mom about some recipe he’d devised, something that I recall including a blender and cream cheese. The beginning of the conversation was cut off while recording so I’ve never known what it was that he’d made. I’m sure it was awesome. He’s known in the family for making a mean apple pie, and has been known to make several of these pies, often containing bourbon and raisins, for Thanksgiving’s past.

Dad and Babies
My dad with my twin sis and I, 1984

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