bring back the ‘stache!

As you lovely readers know, my dad Rick was diagnosed with stage 3 testicular cancer back in July of this year. Almost two weeks ago, he underwent an RPLND surgery to remove the remnants of the cancerous lymph nodes and tumors in his abdomen after completing three rounds of chemo.


It’s currently No-Shave November and my dad is on the road to recovery, and growing out his once-glorious moustache! Since the recovery time from the RPLND surgery is so long, he will not be able to go back to work for at least another two months. He could definitely use your financial support to help with the burden of paying rent, utilities and the basic necessities of life as he heals up and gets his life (and moustache!) back, one day at a time.

Please consider donating at my GoFundMe page Bring Back The ‘Stache, and all donations made will be transferred directly to my dad. I really appreciate everyone’s support and kind words as my dad has persevered through his fight with cancer!

Much love,

:) Amanda


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