when life gets in the way


The life of food bloggers is not always as glamorous as one would think. Sure, lots of them have Pinterest-worthy kitchens, varied and adorable props (if I get some paper straws and Mason jars, does that give me more credibility as a food blogger?), and fancy cameras. Others (like me!) have small, dark, 1970s-era kitchens with ugly fluorescent lighting, random plates picked up from the Goodwill, and take all their food photos with a Galaxy S3.

Some of us also just plain forget to write up the post for the upcoming weekend, not realizing until they’re lying in bed on a Saturday morning that there’s nothing in the queue. Sometimes loved ones have car trouble, or dishes have to be done, or work gets busy. These things happen and interfere. D’oh.

Rest assured, there will be a post next Saturday, and it’ll be glorious! Stay tuned for a lovely Easter-themed cake that’s all sorts of cute, replete with pastel colors and flowers everywhere.

Until then, enjoy your weekends and I’ll catch you on the flipside, dudemeisters.

:) A


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