¡cinco de mayo!

If you’re not from Mexico or the US southwest, chances are you don’t celebrate Cinco de Mayo. If you do, it’s a great reason to celebrate and have a party! Now’s the time to roll out your best margarita recipe, and definitely your favorite salsa. Looking for a few more ideas? I’ve got you covered.

You gotta have drinks at your Cinco de Mayo parties. My honeyed peach aguas frescas or cherry-lime aguas frescas are light and fruity kid-friendly drinks that’ll go well with any spread of party food. Want something a little more adult? Try this pineapple-jalapeño sparking soda! It’s fruity and it’s got a pretty good amount of heat. Add some tequila, what will it hurt?

Need some snacky things to serve to your party guests? Some mini taco salad cups should fit the bill. They’re small, but super full of flavor! If taco night was your favorite night as a kid, you’ll devour these little guys.

2014-01-26 16.28.09

For a main course, make a whole pile of these chicken + potato empanadas. What’s better than flaky crust full of juicy chicken, potatoes, cheddar, green chiles and red bell pepper? Not a whole heck of a lot. If a salad is more your jam, make a big bowl of this tex-mex salad with chicken, roasted corn, pumpkin seeds, black beans, bell pepper, tomatoes, crushed tortilla chips and a creamy salsa dressing over fresh romaine lettuce. Your more health-conscious friends will thank you! If healthy isn’t necessarily on your radar, then these rich and tasty roasted carnitas sandwiches should make you all sorts of happy. Slow-roasted pork is crisped up under the broiler and served on fluffy rolls with quick pickled red onions, sweet pineapple, avocado, smashed black beans and a spicy, creamy sauce. Hopefully you’ll do the right thing and serve those sandwiches with a big helping of tortilla chips. It’s just the right thing to do.

Want some dessert after all that food and drink? Pumpkin empanadas, with a sweet and spicy filling packed inside a flaky crust, should serve you well.

Pumpkin Baked Close

All these recipes should make for quite the delicious party. Whatever you decide to serve, keep it a happy and safe celebration!


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