breakfast with your sweetie

Ah, the day after Valentine’s Day. If you’re very lucky, you were able to spend last night with someone you love. If you’re extra lucky and have the privilege of deciding what to share with your sweetie for breakfast, maybe some of these ideas will fit the bill? Grab your honey and hop into the kitchen to whip up some post-Valentine’s eats together — what could be more romantic?

From scones and donuts, to savory baked eggs and mini quiche, you’ve got plenty to choose from to make this morning memorable!

How could you go wrong with baked goods? If sweet is what you’re after, some strawberry scones with cornmeal + black pepper are a little unusual, but totally delicious. These carrot cake scones come complete with cream cheese icing drizzled on top, and go perfect with a cup of coffee. Make some adorably fun baked chocolate donuts, and just see if that salted chocolate ganache frosting doesn’t wow your sweetie! If savory baked goods are more your style, give these herb and cheddar scones a try, or if you have a bit more ambition, homemade bagels are always a solid option!

For dishes that are a little more hearty, eggs are always a good choice. These creamy baked eggs are always a favorite, full of sauteed leeks, gruyere cheese, and rich cream. Want something a little more filling? Mini quiche baked in their own bread bowls are really comforting and delicious, plus, you can add any fillings you desire! For the basic breakfast lover, throw together some of these easy and quick fried egg sandwiches, made a bit more elegant with some dijon mustard and sourdough bread.

If you want some more elegant and refined breakfast choices, try out this creamy tomato + ricotta tart made with fresh basil and a buttery, cheesy, cracker crust! The ultimate in breakfast sandwiches, this monte cristo is super decadent, with savory ham, turkey, swiss cheese, dijon, and some sweet strawberry jam. You’ve gotta have something to wash down all that delicious food, so make a big pitcher of honeyed peach aguas frescas — it’d be great with a healthy glug of champagne!


Make some tasty eats for you and your favorite Valentine, and let the romance continue all day long!


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