11 recipes for your super bowl party!

The Super Bowl is probably the only time I actually sit down and watch football (especially this year, it’s here in my home state of Arizona!). Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy football, it’s just not something I regularly watch.

One thing I can definitely get behind, though, is the Super Bowl party. Loads of delicious food — usually bite-sized,  hand-held awesomeness — drinks galore, and an excuse to yell at the TV with your friends? Sign me up.

I’ve got a whole pile of recipes for you that can help round out that Super Bowl party menu. Sweet treats? Yep. Savory appetizers? You betcha. Deep fried goodness? But of course! Let’s get cooking!

TacoSaladCupsThese little taco salad cups were my favorite Super Bowl snack last year. Not only are they really simple, but I challenge you to find a snack that’s cuter than these! Taco-seasoned ground beef, cheddar, sour cream, guacamole, hot sauce, lettuce, and tomato are packed into scoop-shaped tortilla chips. They’re the perfect one-bite game day snack!

RectanglePizzaPizza is always popular for a Super Bowl party, so why not make this retro version that can be easily made to feed a crowd? Lots of cheese and pepperoni means it’s always a crowd pleaser!

PizzaEggrollsWant your pizza in a bit more portable form? Try these pizza eggrolls, filled with cheese, pepperoni, bell pepper, and black olive, served with a pizzeria-style cheese and herb sprinkle. Don’t forget the bowl of classic marinara sauce for dipping!

MiniCorndogsFor something a little different, try these mini corndogs! They’re traditional, but with a fun twist — the dogs are grilled before being dipped in the cornmeal batter and fried, so you get the best of a backyard grilled hot dog and fluffy corndog in one adorable little snack!

MeatballSandwichesFor bigger appetites, a few of these little meatball sandwiches can become an entire meal! Tender barbecue meatballs with melty cheddar and crispy onion strings served on tiny sesame seed buns are handheld and perfect for parties.

LemonadeIf all these snacks have you getting thirsty, what would complement all these snacks better than homemade sweet and tart lemonade? Fresh squeezed juice is mixed with a basic simple syrup, along with lots of cold water and ice to chill it all down. Pour a big glass and relax!

FruitSodasIf soda is more your thing, make your own with these four fruity variations! Pineapple-jalapeño, cinnamon-peach, strawberry-mint, and blackberry-thyme will provide unique and delicious choices that are a lot more interesting than boring old colas!

FriedPicklesA great finger food, these crunchy fried dill pickles have a light and crispy breadcrumb-based coating, and when served with some homemade ranch dressing, there’s nothing better for a party snack that can feed a lot of people.

ChocPBSquaresFor a sweet treat, try these little crispy chocolate and peanut butter squares! Get into the spirit of the game, and instead of squares, shape them into little footballs decorated with some melted white chocolate laces!

DeepFriedCheesecakeFor a really rich sweet treat, make up a batch of this deep fried cheesecake. Soft and creamy cheesecake filling inside crispy wonton wrappers, all dusted in powdered sugar — there’s no better ending to a spread of party food!



Fit for a crowd, these little spicy chicken and potato empanadas have a flaky crust, and are chock full of tender chicken, potatoes, cheddar, and green chiles. They’re a perfect snack to serve at your Super Bowl parties, with a spicy southwest nod to the hosting state of Arizona!

Make these Super Bowl-worthy snacks and you’ll be the talk of the neighborhood this year. From spicy and crunchy, to sweet and fizzy, it shouldn’t be hard to find something to please everyone in your living room! Enjoy the big game, and be safe!


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