power to the (pizza) people!

Downtown Phoenix has an interesting phenomenon happening. Some really great food trucks are branching out and opening their own brick-and-mortar restaurants! You may remember Short Leash Hot Dogs’ Sit…Stay which opened earlier this summer. Well, there’s another food truck to add to that list: Pizza People!


The Pizza People truck has been slinging pies all across the Phoenix metro area for about 2 years now. I tried their pizza at the Downtown Phoenix Public Market in May before they closed the food truck for the season (it’s waaaaaay too hot during a Phoenix summer to be cooking pizzas on a stone deck oven inside a truck), and I was pleasantly surprised at the high quality of their pizza. They most definitely have skill. When I heard that they were going to open an actual restaurant, I was excited to try them again, as it had been a long Pizza People-less summer!

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hot dog, we have a wiener! (sorry): short leash hot dogs has a new restaurant!

I apologize for that corny title, I really do. It’s all I could think of when I thought hot dogs. You understand, don’t you?

photo courtesy of yelp.com

I have been a fan of Short Leash Hot Dogs ever since I tried their glorious hot dogs over a year and a half ago. All of their staff members, and especially owners Brad and Kat Moore, have always been amazingly friendly and truly genuine in their appreciation of their loyal customers. When word got out a few months back that they were finally going to be opening an honest-to-God restaurant in downtown Phoenix, I was damn excited! Well, last night was finally their big day — on National Hot Dog Day, no less!

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