banoffee pie with pretzel crust

As it often happens, I’ll be dining out at a restaurant and love something so much that I want to recreate it at home (case in point, my super favorite Pita Jungle cauliflower and tahini)! This banoffee pie is no exception, but I had no idea it would be so easy to create. It barely requires any cooking at all, and can be ready to eat … Continue reading banoffee pie with pretzel crust

blueberry banana bread

A few years back, I used to go on weekly breakfast outings with my friend Evan. Working restaurant jobs, we both shared a common day off in the middle of the week which gave us the perfect excuse to wake up early and check out different breakfast places around town. One day he recommended Marie Callender’s, of which I was skeptical. I didn’t recall much about the … Continue reading blueberry banana bread

there’s always money in the banana stand.

Ah, Arrested Development. Is there a more perfect, quirky comedy TV show? Sadly, it was not fully recognized as the comedic breakthrough that it deserved to be, and it was cancelled after only 3 seasons. They sure managed to pack a lot of hilarity into those 3 short seasons, and now that the show is coming back for a 4th season exclusively on Netflix on Sunday, I thought there would be no better snack to indulge in than some chocolate-dipped bananas while watching the awesomeness unfold!

G.O.B can tell you, chocolate-dipped bananas are the perfect snack for a guy wearing a $4,000 suit… come ON!


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