what inspires me?

Every blogger usually has a whole list of other blogs and sites that they check out regularly. Here’s where I go for food-related and not-so-food-related recipes and inspiration! Check back for more sites as I discover them.

Serious Eats [recipes, kitchen tricks, lovely talk forum and general badassery]

Smitten Kitchen [my main inspiration! deb is the bee’s knees]

Joy The Baker [who doesn’t love Joy? Not to mention her adorable cat?]

The Sparkle Kitchen [general awesomeness, and cute doggies!]

Bakerella [simple yet decadent – and the cutest cookies and cake pops ever!]

Lottie + Doof [simply amazing photography]

Brown Eyed Baker [lovely recipes, and the sweetest Golden Retrievers in the world!]

Oh She Glows [super healthy and inspiring!]

The Crepes of Wrath [wonderful and accessible recipes]

Matt Bites [more gorgeous photography, a lovely design, and the best photo props ever]

Tartelette [the first food blog I fell in love with. Helene’s food styling is incomparable and she makes the best macarons]

The Militant Baker [Jes’s blog is strong yet approachable, full of empowering things to read, and generally kickass]

xoJane [advice, interesting reads, hilarity – the site’s got it all!]



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